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I dont get it.

Its... some guys, tweened.

This wasn't worth submitting.

Mhh hmm

I agree with lolmetaknight, madness was far too creative before and i too miss the good old days. some of these members were good but way too smooth, WAY TOO SMOOTH. And i noticed ellvis stole one of my old characters without asking, huh.

These.. are just some fucking tests, no one even fucking tried. this collab doesnt really deserve an award, if i make about fifteen tests and submit them, do i get an award?
well if i do then i can just say fuck newgrounds.

Is any of these even over 300 frames? they're just so fucking doll, omg a characters walking, time to take a picture, lasts longer.

Get creative.

P.S. everyone below lolmetaknight can go fuck themselves.

Animation is pretty much the same.

it hasn't changed, at all, still only killing and nothing new, and is that metal guy ryders father? wow, thats original. And you could have done a better ending, like krinkels did.

Hope you'll do better on that new animation you're working on.

P.S. how many fucking bullets does that gun boss carries around have? (the brown and gray one). 4 for effort.


I expected this to be... somewhat too much like the others... now HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU PUTT UP WITH IT!? all the effects! the Paper rock scisser scene was great! hanks new hand, new sounds, the prison doors and auditors new abilities.

Shit! this... this deserves much more than just some ng awards, man! its a fucking masterpiece! And the music Cheshyre made is just perfect, it feels also like a mix of all the other madness combat songs! you... are the motherfucking best madness animator EVER! (duh)

Well thanks for submitting this, its so fucking great iunno what to tribute first!
1337/10 stars.

P.S. i've never been into reviewing, but this is so, undescribable.
Now im not gonna go all ''make more you sloppy joe ass'' cuz i think this is pretty much enough for both of you, AMAZING SHIT!

Iunno if im gonna stop, this is my one and only chance on reviewing, as you can see im very exited.


Great graphics.

Amazingly drawn and great effects, animation is a bit meh but works, great work.

And this relates to Warcraft, yes?

Greatly done.

The 3D and effects are awesome, tho the animation is a bit, it feels tweened.

but great work on the whole thing.

Hi, I animate Madness Combat in Macromedia Flash 8, I sometimes draw in raster graphic programs like Gimp and Krita and I test out things in FL Studio. I've gone by a few past aliases/accounts: Edge0wnz, GrudgyGrunt, Delawares and currently Stagnate.

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