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Moral: There are no competent and experienced animators anymore.

Seriously I'm not gonna lie, I fear that if krinkels were to watch this he would probably end his series, remove them from newgrounds and have them extinct for what you're doing to it's reputation. I think you know damn well all of your fans aren't animators and dont know scrap about it. The fact that I've missed making comments like this was almost unrelated to why I wrote this one. I wrote this because this is one of thefinest example possible of what collaborations are doing to Madness Combat. You're tearing it apart. You've made many great animators leave their posts and vanish. You've made many fans consider Madness being all about shooting some fucking guy and being plotless. And the fact that you're so ignorant that you can't even see how Collabs are boring, uncreative and that no one even wants to look at them with respect anymore is just terrible. I wish people like you would be the ones to quit Madness instead of experienced, effort making and actually good animators.

The intro was also very wierdly made, the background displayed as being made by a five year old and the animation was similar to mine when I started, too damn jumpy. It was also dull and old.
Oh I've missed making these comments. This was however just one last (?) because this collab was something I really couldn't walk by without spitting at.

Djjaner responds:

Is it your comment. I do not intend to do with you somehow to talk about.

Well this was worthless, thanks for wasting my time and making Delamortes have this abomination on his page.

You know you are one of the most people i hate, you submit things that you barely put any effort into, hardly work on and act like a fucking fanboy, Delamortes is not a god he's just (as i've seen it) a spoiled kid whose been animating for a long time. And besides, why would you submit this if you hardly worked on it? was it just all a joke? Where's the fucking plot? some fucking originality? You're the people who drag the life out of madness, stomp on it and then attempt to remake it in the most horrible way possible.

So my tip would be: Fucking work on your shit, and think for gods sake everything doesnt have to look like krinkels did it.

AlfredoName responds:

yes , im making a solo project so , i dont like submmiting short stuff , this was an exeption , so , thank you a lot for the comment , actually i dont care if you hate me because of this , but i like all you do , so , thanks

Pretty good.

It's good, but the art needs more work and why does everyone make that guy from skyrim look either like a gnome or a midget?

Twisted4000 responds:

;-; but but but that's how my style looks.


It's not really that new and you need to work on smoothing, i actually think that you tween the walking cuz when you animate hand movements and body rotations you make it way too rough and hard. And it's pretty dull cuz this is the EXACT same as any other animations, you use the same unrealistic jumps over and over. I didn't even get the story line, somethign about killing someone who murdered a son of a friend? You should ask other people when you need help with english.
Yet some of the animation was rather good. And if you think that i sound like an asshole then dont, i'm simply tring to give you contructive critisism.

P.S. I made this comment as an animator, not as GrudgyGrunt. And i'm giving the low score due to the bad story and uncreativity not to the the animation, the animation was 7/10

P.S.S. It's not the peoples problem if they dont accept it, it's yours so dont try to act like you dont care.

Ellvis responds:

I never tween only camframe or efect but not the body moving. If you don´t belive me. I can send you a fla file to get conviction. I tryed to make something what nobody make- ( Drunk Mode ). I am using flips because it is my style and it is more funny than the normal walking and shooting. And my English is bad I know because it isn´t my familiar language.
Ps It is their problem because If I´ll be pissed. I´ll fuck it and nobody can see the MI 2.
P.S.S - Merry Christmas

Are you serious?

Really? did you guys just submit 6 short useless tests and expected us to vote who was the better one? Submitting 6 little tests to newgrounds is just dumb, it's not entertaining, it's a waste of time and it's something for a post, not to submit. You guys dont think much of newgrounds, you cant submit any type of crap like everyone does on youtube it has to be something you putted effort in.

Also it's pretty obvious whose the better one and therefore just dumb to make a competition out of it.

Ellvis responds:

Calm down man, It was just fun, btw this duel failed because everybody made the crappy tests I submit it in one piece cuz I want to use this music for it , Wotafak.
Oh and I really expect this very interesting review from you , HA HA HA


To say that truth i'm actually dissapointed. Even tho i anticipated in this flash it doesn't look that good. It's like you didn't learn anything from your previous test collab cuz it's pretty much the same, about 50% of these clips were bad and wow, i actually yawned twice when gabriel barschs parts appeared, holy crap man make them smaller! I was about to close the flash when his part ended.

Other than what i bitched about it was good.

Tr3Yo responds:

i think it deserves 7, and yeah some works were better than others. i learned only one thing when i hosted this collab - never host collab. it needs awesome computer.


The only diffirence here and from when you started animating is that this is longer and more boring.

Seriously get a hold on yourself.

GabrielBarsch responds:

i´ve got a hater !
oh wait >:(

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8 416f5c96a3b5b9297c15339372d322d


Dude as i remember this kicked ass, now that i watched it was terrible.

I mean it looks like you made it like 2 years ago. I mean sure you putted alot of ''effort'' into it by using the same damn blood splat over and over, not animating any shells and it looks like he knows where he is. And I'm not sure that you can get knocked down by getting hit by a night stick once, i mean he woke up by getting punched in the stomach.

The name is also completely unrelatable to the flash itself. Hardstyle is a type of music.

And just for the record, everyone below me are fucking fanboys who loves it just as long as it's madness. Just cuz they say it's good doesn't mean it is.

Ellvis responds:

Look, I know animation is bad because I used my old style (My old style is one person in one layer, It wasn´t easy to animate, it was Djjaners style, he learned me this) but now I have new style - I am animating one layer - one part of body. The blood was the same I know because I didn´t want use Krinkels blood than I used Lubos blood from Ryder Revenge part 9. Now I have my own blood. I didn´t want animate shells because I was big problem with publishing, look at the file size- 17.9 MB ( WTF??) If I animated shells, the filesize have MORE MB. This is my first own animation and I wasn´t skilled. Some people understand it and they don´t seek bugs. they just enjoy. That all depends on the approach.


That was actually just fucking amazing dude. I fucking loved it and the music was also good.
Hope to see more, much much more.

DriftLV1 responds:

Wow...really? That's alot coming from you, thanks.


It was waaaay too fast, i couldn't read a thing.

Btw, dont use madness songs that have already been used.

FallowerOfHank responds:

Still... Could be worse...

But meet fabc... Overused MC9 Aggregation COUNTLESS TIMES!

Hi, I animate Madness Combat in Macromedia Flash 8, I sometimes draw in raster graphic programs like Gimp and Krita and I test out things in FL Studio. I've gone by a few past aliases/accounts: Edge0wnz, GrudgyGrunt, Delawares and currently Stagnate.

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