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The only diffirence here and from when you started animating is that this is longer and more boring.

Seriously get a hold on yourself.

GabrielBarsch responds:

i´ve got a hater !
oh wait >:(

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8 416f5c96a3b5b9297c15339372d322d

Holy fuck.

Now that's what i call a victory smoke.


Great job sunshaft! fucking amasing if you'll ask me. Just fucking amazing work.

I can't believe you made it this long, you must really be patient.


Dude as i remember this kicked ass, now that i watched it was terrible.

I mean it looks like you made it like 2 years ago. I mean sure you putted alot of ''effort'' into it by using the same damn blood splat over and over, not animating any shells and it looks like he knows where he is. And I'm not sure that you can get knocked down by getting hit by a night stick once, i mean he woke up by getting punched in the stomach.

The name is also completely unrelatable to the flash itself. Hardstyle is a type of music.

And just for the record, everyone below me are fucking fanboys who loves it just as long as it's madness. Just cuz they say it's good doesn't mean it is.

Ellvis responds:

Look, I know animation is bad because I used my old style (My old style is one person in one layer, It wasn´t easy to animate, it was Djjaners style, he learned me this) but now I have new style - I am animating one layer - one part of body. The blood was the same I know because I didn´t want use Krinkels blood than I used Lubos blood from Ryder Revenge part 9. Now I have my own blood. I didn´t want animate shells because I was big problem with publishing, look at the file size- 17.9 MB ( WTF??) If I animated shells, the filesize have MORE MB. This is my first own animation and I wasn´t skilled. Some people understand it and they don´t seek bugs. they just enjoy. That all depends on the approach.


That was actually just fucking amazing dude. I fucking loved it and the music was also good.
Hope to see more, much much more.

DriftLV1 responds:

Wow...really? That's alot coming from you, thanks.


The animation was rather poorly, not long at all and they seemed sorta stupid cuz when that black guy (Who i'd say is a rip off from auditor) dodged that yellow ball he just stood there on the ground looking at that pickle's boner and waiting for the ball to come back. And when he spots it, he just looks at it for like 10 seconds without moving at all.

Not really hard to make and you need to improve.

P.S. You used too many of the same sounds too. And used them wrong.

I'm sorry to say that I dont really see anything in this, tho I hope you'll get better and not just end up like gabriel barsch.

P.S.S You need a preloader too.


Awesome, you've really improved from the first ones! This is fucking great work and i cant wait to see the next one.

Oh god.

All i can say that you've wasted my time.


great work you did here.

I ruined the 137'th review >:3

Holy shitdicks dude.

That was just fucking amazing, even my kitten enjoyed watchign as she sat beside me in my chair.

It's just so fuckign awesome dude! I hope you never stop.

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