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These are very interesting to watch, I think it's okay to go out of the general design of what a madness combat animation has to be and just experiment with the layout of the film.

Nothing is simplified or explained but you still get hints and ideas of what things represent and mean in a great balance. This probably wouldn't speak to your common action-junkie and that is just fine, I think it is interesting enough in it's own way. People may say it's too obscure, but has has madness ever made any sense? This is like a dream within madness, I think you should expect it to be pretty obscure.

I think it´s pretty cool, great job.

Takes a good few rewinds to actually catch what's going on, and then to ACTUALLY catch what's going on. Great job, you still manage to stay ahead of yourself in a sense without going too far or slipping into an overused formula.

Moral: There are no competent and experienced animators anymore.

Seriously I'm not gonna lie, I fear that if krinkels were to watch this he would probably end his series, remove them from newgrounds and have them extinct for what you're doing to it's reputation. I think you know damn well all of your fans aren't animators and dont know scrap about it. The fact that I've missed making comments like this was almost unrelated to why I wrote this one. I wrote this because this is one of thefinest example possible of what collaborations are doing to Madness Combat. You're tearing it apart. You've made many great animators leave their posts and vanish. You've made many fans consider Madness being all about shooting some fucking guy and being plotless. And the fact that you're so ignorant that you can't even see how Collabs are boring, uncreative and that no one even wants to look at them with respect anymore is just terrible. I wish people like you would be the ones to quit Madness instead of experienced, effort making and actually good animators.

The intro was also very wierdly made, the background displayed as being made by a five year old and the animation was similar to mine when I started, too damn jumpy. It was also dull and old.
Oh I've missed making these comments. This was however just one last (?) because this collab was something I really couldn't walk by without spitting at.

Djjaner responds:

Is it your comment. I do not intend to do with you somehow to talk about.

To be honest i'm disappointed, then again i wasn't expecting much. I'm not gonna bother whining about creativity or what not, but i'd like to give credit to the one who deserved it, GDop. I've never seen an idea like this and he's by far one of the most talanted i've yet seen. You're one hell of an animator GDop and you hopefully continue to be one. Nice work. +1 for GDop.

Could not agree less with the person right below me, you're supposed to judge the animation not the game you fucking dumbass.

Also for the flash, there is a major need of improvement in animation and creativity in the joke which i did in no way enjoy. Sure you put alot of effort into it, the sad part is how it's already been done a thousand times. Dont worry you're on your way to becoming another famous comedy animator. Just have to work on some basic stuff and take your time.

Just as an attempt to aid you, since you're bound to tween i'd suggest using the Ease action, making the movements so much smoother and realistic. Just keep going and you'll get it right. Perhaps watch some tuturials on Youtube.

Sure is a shame that Edd is gone, though we will always remember his admirable cartoons and hard work.

You majorly need to improve in your animation, the movie itself lacked story and sence.

And considering this was a so called ''Test'' i'd prefer you'd submit this to NG dump where it belongs.

Animation wise, you didn't do very well, the lip syncing was horrible and it looked lik a robot was talking, you need to be able to make them actually close their mouth, make it more movable cuz it looks like his mouth is tranquilized or something. Overall i didn't like the comedy nor the story of the flash.

Dont think you'll fucking get away with this you fucks, i know you used mine and Dimbs sprites from Ionizing and if you wont replace our guns you will get reported and your flash is going to fucking die, that i will make sure of. On another note, if i'd judge i can just say get the fuck off flash, cuz you cant animate for shit, not only does this lack a good name, good story, good animation, good art but it lacks almost everything a madness toon needs, try to be original you fuck. And will people get the fuck offa our sprites for gods sake.

Well this was worthless, thanks for wasting my time and making Delamortes have this abomination on his page.

You know you are one of the most people i hate, you submit things that you barely put any effort into, hardly work on and act like a fucking fanboy, Delamortes is not a god he's just (as i've seen it) a spoiled kid whose been animating for a long time. And besides, why would you submit this if you hardly worked on it? was it just all a joke? Where's the fucking plot? some fucking originality? You're the people who drag the life out of madness, stomp on it and then attempt to remake it in the most horrible way possible.

So my tip would be: Fucking work on your shit, and think for gods sake everything doesnt have to look like krinkels did it.

AlfredoName responds:

yes , im making a solo project so , i dont like submmiting short stuff , this was an exeption , so , thank you a lot for the comment , actually i dont care if you hate me because of this , but i like all you do , so , thanks

Hi, I animate Madness Combat in Macromedia Flash 8, I sometimes draw in raster graphic programs like Gimp and Krita and I test out things in FL Studio. I've gone by a few past aliases/accounts: Edge0wnz, GrudgyGrunt, Delawares and currently Stagnate.

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