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Takes a good few rewinds to actually catch what's going on, and then to ACTUALLY catch what's going on. Great job, you still manage to stay ahead of yourself in a sense without going too far or slipping into an overused formula.

Moral: There are no competent and experienced animators anymore.

Seriously I'm not gonna lie, I fear that if krinkels were to watch this he would probably end his series, remove them from newgrounds and have them extinct for what you're doing to it's reputation. I think you know damn well all of your fans aren't animators and dont know scrap about it. The fact that I've missed making comments like this was almost unrelated to why I wrote this one. I wrote this because this is one of thefinest example possible of what collaborations are doing to Madness Combat. You're tearing it apart. You've made many great animators leave their posts and vanish. You've made many fans consider Madness being all about shooting some fucking guy and being plotless. And the fact that you're so ignorant that you can't even see how Collabs are boring, uncreative and that no one even wants to look at them with respect anymore is just terrible. I wish people like you would be the ones to quit Madness instead of experienced, effort making and actually good animators.

The intro was also very wierdly made, the background displayed as being made by a five year old and the animation was similar to mine when I started, too damn jumpy. It was also dull and old.
Oh I've missed making these comments. This was however just one last (?) because this collab was something I really couldn't walk by without spitting at.

Djjaner responds:

Is it your comment. I do not intend to do with you somehow to talk about.

This was really something rare, and not at all like... your previous works. Anyway nice work spazkid, you really did a great job on this. It's amazing.

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I actually hate these types of games and i could barely stand playing this one, sure the art is great and the plot probably too but the tweening was awful and so was their movements.

But it seems like you putted alot of effort into it and many people likes it so you deserve a 7.

In future games, if you have to tween then ease it.
(this is just what i think and because i animate i notice all the wrong stuff animated in games i cant stand them.)


I'm sure u putted alot of effort into it, tho... it feels so wierd.

You need to work on the animation, effects and sprites.

The sprites made it look like it was from madness combat 1.

I'm sure you'll do better in ur next games.

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oh god i love the start

Congratulations, you stole a track we've all listened to multiple times. How does it feel to waste your time.

Ah yes.

This takes me back. It's too bad Immolation started to really suck cuz this would really have been perfect if i weren't such an awful animator back then

P.S. 00.35 is fucking amazing, doesnt matter how many times i hear that i love it as much every fucking time!

Anyways, keep it up man. Love your work.

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cheshyre responds:

I really liked immolation! but I know how we can be our own worst critics sometimes. If you ever finish it then please use this song. It was made for your video. Thanks for the 10!! This song wouldn't be here if you didn't ask me to make it...

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This is pretty cute, really a turn from what you'd usually make and I like it. It's never wrong to test out different art forms for fun. Also good job with the repeating snow animation, I notice it's only about 4 frames and could be kinda difficult to disguise it as a loop with that little frames, nice.

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Rhunyc responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate that! It's 6 frames and only 4 colors. :)

Amazing, the texture is just top. The suction things seem bit unrefined at some areas though.

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Rhunyc responds:

Thanks a bunch! And I understand, I see that after submitting it. I'm planning on touching this one up in the near future.

thats a pretty good idea, remaking old pictures instead of doing nothing at all when out of inspiration.
looks amazing too

Rhunyc responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I figure it's better to do that than to just sit and wonder what I should be doing. ^_^

Hi, I animate Madness Combat and drawn frame-by-frame in Macromedia Flash 8, I sometimes draw in Gimp 2 and I test out things in FL Studio. I've gone by a few past aliases/accounts: Edge0wnz, GrudgyGrunt, Delawares and currently Stagnate/Solston.

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