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2016-11-14 16:06:51 by Stagnate

Sorry I havent been around much, or anything ive just been here and there doing this and that, a cliche to use is life and school got in the way but those arent really clashing cus not much is going on so dont worry about that :D I havent been animating anything, to those who are fans of things i have animated and i doubt i will animate anything. I'm actually unsure why anyone is interested in me on newgrounds, because i make animations or just because im a member here. Or if anyone looks at my posts who isnt a random on-stroller, stroll-on-er. I'm still being active creatively if thats what youd call it, i paint sometimes and started playing guitar just for the hell of it, here's something i recorded recently just to try some effects out. Its recorded from by cellphone actually, a crappy 2007 cellphone so im surprised its actually audible ! its in dgdgad.

I mostly just play guitar nowadays and waste the day away or paint whenever im in school. I dont think ill really contribute to this site in any way significant like submitting animations or audio or art but we'll see how things pan out. If you wanna contact me for any reason maybe tips on animating art/painting or hell even the terrible guitar playing im on steam and skype, is my steam and skype uh probably called grudgygrunt i dont know. bye and hope u have a good life !(


i wonder if this post made any sense at all hahaa, well shit up to you to figure it out.


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2016-11-14 17:32:20

I hope you enjoy what you are doing now, good luck with your stuff dude! :D


2016-11-18 08:25:48

Glad to see that you're still alive! I think people are interested in you because of your animations they're something that stands out from other the madness animations which are mostly just collabs now. Also people keep looking out for the people they are interested in because they will support and give criticism to them so they can see what excellent things the person will produce from all the support and criticism. If you wanted to keep playing on your guitar then I would support you because your guitar skills sound pretty good to me and probably even better now because of all the parctice you have been doing. I hope that you still do animations because I also think they were unique and brought something new to the table, but its your choice if you want to keep doing it or not. Hope your future will be very great! (Sorry if things in this didn't make sense :p)


2017-07-07 04:15:55

It's in dgdgad!!